Russa Road Young Buddhist Student Literacy Mission

About our Mission

Official Name of Organisation:  Russa Road Young Buddhist Student Literacy Mission
2. Chief Contact Persons :

       Name & Designation                                                Mobile Contact

(a) Rev. Dr. Nando Batha – Vice President (W.B)                9830053957

(b) Rev. Dr. U Panyalinkara – President (Bihar)                   09934719827

(c)  Mr. Philip Barua – General Secretary.                             9831407608

3. Year of Establishment of the Organisation : 1995.

4.  Legal Status :

(a)  Type : A non-political, non-profit making, non- caste and gender biased philanthropic voluntary organisation, registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act  XXVI of 1961,

(b)  Societies Registration No. : S / 81553 dated 31.10.95.

(c)   Regd. Under FCR Act., Regn.  No. 147110495     dated 30.06.2000

(d)  Regd. Under I. T. Act. 12A (dated 17.04.01) / 80 G; No. :  DIT(E)/361 8E/20/2001-2002 dt. 18.07.06

(e)  Regd. PAN No.: AAATR6521P    dated 17.03.05.    

5.  Brief History of its formation :

Russa Road Young Buddhist Student Literacy Mission was established on 31st Oct. 1995 by some eminent Philanthropic minded Social Workers to promote peace, prosperity, and integration through education through voluntary movements. This Voluntary sector has a strong acceptance in Indian as well a Gandhian philosophical context. So under the leadership of few like minded Buddhists  has build–up this  platform for  the same.

Initial thrust was to build safe guarding and self help attitude building and high lightening voluntarism in social & educational development which will lead to the path to serve the poor and downtrodden belongs to the lowest strata of our society and specially for their Socio-Economic-Cultural upliftment and ensure accessibility of life with dignity, rights and self-respect.

The Society has been registered as Non-Government voluntary organization having no affiliation to any political party, caste or creed and religion.  It is a non sectarian non-profit making and non-gender biased  social voluntary organization.

Vision :

 Generous heart, kind speech, life of service and compassion are the things that renew humanity.

Mission :

Russa Road Young Buddhist Student Literacy Mission ( RRYBSLM) has the mission of improving the quality of human life by strengthening the development capacity through literary and educational activities among the communities which will lead them towards other subjective needs ( with basic amenities ) to live like a human being.

Objectives :

1)    To provide education to poor and needy children.

2)      To promote and encourage advancement of literary, cultural, moral, religious, scientific and technical education.

3)      To set up libraries, hold meetings, seminars and take up other incidental activities to build a knowledgeable, informative and good practicing society.

4)      To exchange and interact with others for mutual understanding of the basic theme of world religion.

5)      To impart the message of “non-violence”, of the Buddha.

6)      To educate and raise awareness regarding preventive and curative health cares, promote knowledge of environment, ecology, water and  sanitation, capacity building to combat updated threats of HIV/AIDS, STIs/STDs, TB, Malaria, etc.

7.    To undertake role of reducing gender discriminations, promote the conditions of vulnerable populations specially, the women for their socio-economic liberation and empowerment.

8.    To undertake cultural promotion through knowledge exchange, exposure trips and Rural Tourism Development, creation  of  awareness among the rural peoples for better understanding and build attitude of better service providers.

9.    Promotion of Rural Development programmes to facilitate-Rural life style, Rural employment, Rural Culture and Rural Products Marketing  through Rural Tourism.